Group reception

Because we want the best for you

The reception of a group requires specific attention and organization.

Indeed, the composition of the group (number of people, couples, singles, babies, children, teenagers, elderly people, disabilities, walking difficulties, etc.) are important pieces of information when choosing between our guesthouse in Chardonnay and our cottage in Tournus. This is even more crucial if both locations are needed for a group beyond 12 people.

It is also very important when considering accommodation for more than 8 people to plan ahead and to communicate with us effectively so that we can offer a stay tailored to all members of the group.

At Chardonnay

La Cadole de Chardonnay

In Chardonnay, we have a guesthouse. Indeed, when you book all the rooms, you have a complete house of approximately 150 square meters, but you still enjoy the guesthouse services. It is possible to have breakfast, appetizer boards, wine tastings, and sometimes, upon request, a host table.

The maximum capacity is 15 people with 6 beds of 160 cm and 3 beds of 90 cm.

At Lacrost

Le Gîte de La Pyranvôle

In Lacrost, on the other side of the bridge, opposite Tournus, we have a cottage of 200 square meters. All household linen is provided, but there are no breakfasts, meals, or appetizer boards offered. However, you are surrounded by restaurants of all styles as we are in a very gastronomic area.

The maximum capacity is 12 people with 3 large bedrooms, shower room, toilets, 160 cm beds, and a dormitory for 6 (6 beds of 90 cm or 4 beds of 90 cm + 1 bed of 180 cm).

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Book La Cadole de Chardonnay and Le Gîte de La Pyranvôle

Group beyond 15 people

In general, it is necessary to contact us as soon as your group consists of more than 8 people for the reasons mentioned above.

If your group exceeds 15 people and depending on its composition, you can consider booking rooms and the cottage. The distance between the two is 9 km, which is 13 minutes by car, 30 minutes by mechanical bicycle, and 20 minutes by electric bicycle.

We also have other possibilities in Chardonnay or Lacrost with our co-hosts.

We can also advise you to help organize your stay as best as possible.


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