Our partners

Because to succeed, we must choose our partners carefully, because there is strength in numbers, because we believe in emulation and not in competition, because we believe in the benefits of sharing, this page is dedicated to friends who have great projects, great Spirit and especially a great generosity that is evident in the quality of their work.

Dégustation de chardonnay chez notre ami Nicolas Laugère, viticulteur à Chardonnay
Les Cadoles de Chardonnay pour une dégustation inoubliable

We recommend a visit of the Cadoles de Chardonnay vineyard for an unforgettable tasting of the true flavours of our beautiful region.

You will receive a warm and caring welcome. Whether you are received by Nicolas Laugère or his father, generosity and passion will be guaranteed.

Lovers of Authenticity, where better than Chardonnay to taste a Chardonnay?

Like cheese, wine tastes better at home!


La Cadole de Chardonnay recommande Terre d'Horizon, maison d'hôtes à Chastreix, Auvergne

Terre d’Horizon is the guest house created by our nephews Guillaume and Leslie in Chastreix in Auvergne.

We recommend it for moments of absolute relaxation. You will receive a warm welcome in varied and atypical accommodation.

Located in a beautiful nature reserve, you will enjoy their Nordic bath after skiing, snowshoeing or hiking.

Between Leslie’s infectious laughter and Guillaume’s Olympian zenitude, you’ll share moments that I’m sure will make you want to go back there.


We are very happy to introduce another of our partners. We are in Burgundy and as you know, snails are an emblematic product of this region.

The Escarg’aujoux meets our three prerequisites in order to become a partner: Quality (Organic), Absence of animal suffering, and the kindness of the owners.

Lovers of snails, we warmly recommend the establishment of , Madame Peyrot et leurs fils 1 rue des Larrys, Veneuse, 71 240 Etrigny



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