Apartment Grand Cru

Apartment Grand Cru

This apartment of 140m2 consists of 2 bedrooms Montagny, Mercurey and their shared kitchen, living room and toilet with handicap access plus the 2 rooms Viré-Clessé and Givry, which have their own bathroom and private toilets, a second living room equipped with ‘a large wood stove and a second fully equipped kitchen, all overlooking a terrace and a garden entirely dedicated to our guests. Access to the property’s swimming pool is allowed and linen, including bath towels are provided, these services are included in the room rate.

The rooms

4 rooms, 4 atmospheres
The Montagny room

It has an en suite bathroom with large walk-in shower

The room leads on to a large terrace with garden dedicated to our guests.

Accessible to people with disabilities.

La chambre Montagny à la Cadole de Chardonnay
Chambre Montagny
Douche à l'italienne chambre La Montagny
The Mercurey room

offers beautiful volumes, built with quality materials. Vast bedroom with skylight and ensuite walk-in shower.


Chambre Mercurey
Chambre Mercurey
Tête de lit chambre Mercurey
The Viré-Clessé room

Vast and bright bedroom with  ensuite walk-in shower and private toilets.

You’ll enjoy the comfort of a lovely room with sober and elegant decor.

Chambre Viré-Clessé, notre 3ème chambre enfin prête et disponible à la location à La Cadole de Chardonnay, gîte et maison d'hôtes à Chardonnay.
Salle d'eau et toilettes privées pour la chambre Viré-Clessé
Chambre Viré-Clessé à La Cadole de Chardonnay, gîte et maison d'hôtes à Chardonnay
The Givry room

A cosy cocoon!

Smaller and more intimate, the Givry room also has its walk-in shower and private toilets.

Lit chambre Givry
Miroir chambre Givry
Chambre Givry, salle de bain

Shared areas

Shared toilets

for the Montagny and Mercurey rooms with wheelchair access.


Toilettes partagées chambre Montagny et Mercurey
Toilettes partagées chambre Montagny et Mercurey
Toilettes partagées chambre Montagny et Mercurey

The Grand Cru apartment offers 2 fully equipped kitchens. 

Cuisine commune chambres Montagny et Mercurey
Parties communes chambre Viré-Clessé et Givry
The living-rooms

TheGrand Cru apartment offers a living-room and  several rest areas,  near the wood stove or in front of it on the mezzanine.

Salon commun Mercurey et Montagny
Salon commun chambre Montagny et Mercurey
Parties communes chambres Viré-Clessé et Givry

Outdoor areas dedicated to the Grand cru apartment

This outdoor space consists of a vast terrace and a little garden  and is still being fitted-out .

  • Terrace: already available.
  • Glass roof: A vast glass roof around 20 m2 covers the terrace. A summer room has been created for 8 to 10 peoples.
  • The garden is still not totally landscaped and  flowered.
  • Plancha and barbecue area available.
  • Paved path for wheelchair access.
  • This outdoor area can be closed by a gate.
Outdoor shared areas between guests and owners
 Swimming pool in a big raised park


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